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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geography Subject Areas
U.S. Customs Arrest Spanish National for Triangular Trade with Cuba, Violating U.S. Cuban Embargo On April 1, 1997, the U.S. Customs Service arrested Javier Ferreiro, 45, a Havana-based Spanish national in Miami for violating the Trading with the Enemy Act for triangular trade from the U.S.... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 United States, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic Export Enforcement
Canadian Cabinet Issues Order Allowing Victim of U.S. Kidnapping to Reinstate Tort Action On February 18, 1997, the Canadian Cabinet, acting on recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, issued an order, restricting the immunity relating to the U.S. and thereby permitting Kenneth... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 Canada, United States Human Rights, Kidnaping
Canada-U.S. Sign Endangered Species Agreement On April 7, 1997, U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Canadian Environment Minister Sergio Marchi concluded a bilateral agreement providing a framework for cooperation in the protection and... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 Canada, United States Environment, Wildlife Smuggle
U.S. Publishes Proposed Resolutions for CITES On March 27, 1997, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued a notice on the resolutions proposed by the United States Government on controlling illegal trade in endangered species under the... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World, United States Environment, International Organizations, Wildlife Smuggle
Mexico Investigates Illegal Export of CFCs (Freon) On April 11, 1997, Catalina Mosler, coordinator of the ozone protection unit at the National Ecology Institute, revealed that Mexican environmental authorities are investigating the illegal export of... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 United States, Mexico Environment, Chemicals Smuggle
Book Presents Record of ICJ Proceedings on the Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons The Case against the Bomb: Marshall Islands, Samoa, and Solomon Islands before the International Court of Justice in Advisory Proceedings on he Legality of the Threat Or Use of Nuclear Weapons (... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World Law of War, Book Review
EU Anti-Fraud Report Prioritizes Four Enforcement Areas The European Union has released a report that calls for prioritizing four enforcement areas to combat the increasing incidence of international fraud, presaging action in these areas ... [more] Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 Europe European Union, Fraud
Basle Committee Issues Basic Principles for International Banking Supervision On April 9, 1997, the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision issued 25 basic principles for international banking supervision, stating they represent the basic elements of an effective supervisory... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 Switzerland Banking Supervision
U.S. White Collar Crime White Collar Crime 1997 (WCC 1997 Course Book) is a two-volume set of materials that result from the annual White Collar Crime American Bar Association National Institute. The program is organized... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World, United States White Collar Crime, Book Review, Adjective Enforcement
Mexican Seizure of Gaxiola Bank Account Signals New Cooperation and Tension in Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement Cooperation On March 12, 1997, testimony by U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary, Lawrence H. Summers, to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and other reports indicate that the Mexican and U.S. Governments are... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 United States, Mexico Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, International Cooperation
Documents and Teaching International Criminal Law International Criminal Law: A Collection of International and European Instruments (Christine Van den Wyngaert and Guy Stessens, eds., Kluwer Law International) 630 pp. ... [more] Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World, United States Book Review, Adjective Enforcement
U.S. Releases Annual International Narcotics Report The March 1997, the publication of the U.S. International Narcotics Control Strategy Report shows mixed results ... [more] Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 United States Drugs & Trafficking
Books of Bibliography 1. Adjective Enforcement International Criminal Law and Procedure, (John Dugard & Christine van den Wyngaert, eds., Aldershot, U.K.: Dartmouth, 1996) approx. 525 pp. (ISBN 1-85521-835-6) $185.... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World Bibliography
Mexican Druglord Wins Appeal for Murder of DEA Agent Camarena On April 25, 1997, the media reported that druglord Rafael Caro Quintero has won an initial appeal against his 40-year sentence for the notorious murder in 1985 of U.S. Drug Enforcement... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 United States, Mexico Murder, Drugs & Trafficking
Articles of Bibliography 1. Adjective Enforcement N.S. Rodley, International Cooperation in Criminal Law: the Old Soviet Union and the New Russian Federation, 7 Crim L.F. 453-7 (1996)...[more] Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World Bibliography
U.S.-Mexican Try to Start Joint Drug Plan The U.S. and Mexican Governments have started to implement a joint drug plan. Although the governments have put some new wrinkles on the plan, many aspects have similarities to prior efforts ... [... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 United States, Mexico Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation
IRS International Tax Training Materials: What International Examiners Are Taught About IRS Compliance Tools 1. The International Tax Training Materials The Internal Revenue Service recently released updated training materials for International Examiners (revenue agents responsible for auditing... Charles M. Bruce, Esq., Michael C. Durney, Esq., and Wendy L. Wojewodzki, Esq 13 5 1997-05-01 World International Organizations, Taxation
Documents of Bibliography 1. Jurisdiction Canada: Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act Incorporating the Amendments Countering the U.S. Helms-Burton Act, 36 I.L.M. 111 (1996)...[more] Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World Bibliography
OECD Approves Measures to Strengthen Tax Information Exchanges On March 13, 1997, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) approved two recommendations designed to improve exchange of information between its member countries ... [more] Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 OECD International Organizations, Taxation
The Edinburgh Conference on Transnational & International Crime, May 15-17, 1997 On May 15-17, 1997, the Department of Public International Law and the Europa Institute of the Univ. of Edinburgh will sponsor a conference on the following topics: countering transnational crime;... Bruce Zagaris 13 5 1997-05-01 World Human Rights, European Union, Conferences, Crimes