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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
EU Council Adopts Resolution to Combat International Organized Crime On December 20, 1997, the Council of the European Union (EU) adopted a resolution providing for measures to facilitate cooperation by individuals with the judicial process in the combatting of... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Europe International Organizations, European Union, Organized Crime
Rwandan War Crime Trials Start and Adjourn On December 27, 1996 Rwanda started its national trials, apart from the United Nations Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, of the first two suspects accused in the murder and genocide that tore up the... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Rwanda International Organizations, Murder, War Crimes, Genocide, International Courts
New York State Court Denies Bid of Nigerian Fraudster Victim to Sue On October 8, 1996, Judge DeGrasse of the Supreme Court, County of New York, State of New York, issued an opinion, denying the effort of a Mexican national victim of a Nigerian advance fee fraud... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 United States, Mexico, Nigeria Fraud
Swiss Government and Banks Will Establish a Fund for Holocaust Victims On January 23, 1997, after months of lobbying from Jewish groups around the world, the Swiss Government and its leading banks and businesses decided to establish a memorial fund for Holocaust victims... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Switzerland War Crimes, Holocaust
The Edinburgh Conference on Transnational & International Crime, May 15-17, 1997 On May 15-17, 1997, the Department of Public International Law and the Europa Institute of the Univ. of Edinburgh will sponsor a conference on the following topics: countering transnational crime;... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 World Human Rights, European Union, Conferences
Books of Bibliography Comparative Criminal Justice Transitional Justice; How Emerging Democracies Reckon with Former Regimes (Neil J. Kritz, ed., U.S. Instit. of Peace Press, 1995). ...[more] Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 World Bibliography
Spanish Government Stops Drug-Money Laundering Ring with Gibraltar Connections On December 12, 1996, the Spanish press reported the successful penetration and arrest by Spanish police of a money laundering ring in the Spanish Costa del Sol and Madrid. This major network of... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Spain Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Drugs & Trafficking
Documents and Legislation of Bibliography 1, Migration Enforcement and Border Control U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance, State Criminal Alien Assistance Program Fact Sheet, 1996, 2 p. FS 000152. (The short document gives information on... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 World Bibliography
Mexico and Texas Conclude Anti-Money Laundering Cooperation Agreement On October 15, 1996, the Texas Attorney General on behalf of the State of Texas concluded an anti-money laundering enforcement cooperation agreement with the National Drug Enforcement Institute (INCD... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 United States, Mexico Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, International Cooperation
Mexican Enforcement Initiative against Illegal Use of Foreign Tax Havens Takes Effect On January 1, 1997, the Mexican enforcement initiatives against illegal use of foreign tax havens took effect, signaling a potentially draconian new wave of actions to make up for the shortfall of... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Mexico Taxation
German Extradition Requests for Alleged Terrorists Face Obstacle of Right to Refuse the Extradition of Nationals During the second week of January 1997, the German Government lost its extradition request for Mr. James Corry, whose extradition from Ireland was requested in connection with an alleged terrorism... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland Extradition, Terrorism
Cayman Court Denies Request from Peruvian Commission Investigating Corruption The Grand Cayman Court has denied a request from the Peruvian Investigative Commission (CITEL) for assistance relating to its investigation of corruption due to the absence of pending criminal... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Peru, Cayman Islands Corruption, Teaching, Research, Adjective Assistance
Former Bermuda Attorney General Calls for Abolition of Bank Secrecy and Use of Shell Banks In recent months international business media have carried reports of the call by former Bermuda attorney general Saul Froomkin, Q.C., for the abolition of both bank secrecy and the use of shell... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 Bermuda Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Drugs & Trafficking, Securities Trade Enforcement
Spanish Criminal Prosecutions Use International Human Rights Law to Battle Impunity in Chile and Argentina On March 28, 1996, Spanish prosecutors, later joined by private citizens, filed criminal charges of genocide and terrorism against former military leaders of Argentina and their collaborators. The... Richard J. Wilson 13 2 1997-02-01 Spain, Chile, Argentina Human Rights, Immunity, Terrorism, Genocide
CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting On December 16 1997, the Caribbean Common Market and Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government, at their Fifth Special Meeting held in Barbados, released a communiqué on the anti-drug trafficking... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 United States, Caribbean International Organizations, Drugs & Trafficking
U.S. Adds 78 New Names to Sanctioned Persons Related to Cali Drug Cartel On January 8, 1997, the United States Government ordered economic sanctions against 78 businesses and individuals it said were "fronts' for the Cali drug cartel in Colombia ... [more] Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 United States Drugs & Trafficking, Sanctions
Georgia and Zaire Waive Immunity for Diplomats Involved in Vehicular Deaths Waivers of diplomatic immunity have been granted by the Georgian and Zairian Governments in connection with vehicular deaths in the U.S. and France respectively, thereby causing policymakers and... Bruce Zagaris 13 2 1997-02-01 United States, France, Georgia, Zaire Immunity, Jurisdiction, Treaties