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U.S. Appellate Court Affirms Laundering Conviction of Former American Express Bank Employee On June 19, 1996, the United States Circuit Court for the Fifth Circuit affirmed the convictions of 18 counts of money laundering, bank fraud, misapplication of funds and conspiracy of Antonio... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 United States, Colombia Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Fraud, White Collar Crime, Drug Enforcement, Financial Crimes, Financial Supervision
Luxembourg Joins Dutch "Harm Reduction" Drug Policy During the second week of June 1996, the Luxembourg Parliament voted to decriminalize "soft" drug cannabis and push for the harmonization of drug laws in the Benelux countries, thereby supporting the... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 Netherlands, Luxembourg Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement
Mattel and Border Alliance Start Anti-Drug Smuggling Initiative On June 24, 1996, the Border Trade Alliance (BTA) and the U.S. toymaker Mattel Inc., of El Segundo, California announced a new anti-drug smuggling initiative between the public and private sector... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 United States, Mexico Drugs & Trafficking, Drug Enforcement, Smuggle
Mexico and U.S. Agree on 5-Year Anti-Drug Plan On July 11, 1996, following a two-day conference of anti-drug officials from the two countries in El Paso and Cuidad Juarez, U.S. drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey pledged to furnish Mexico with... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 United States, Mexico Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking, Conferences, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement
Brazil Initiates Anti-Laundering Legislation and Tax Exchange Agreements Brazil has taken a major initiative against money laundering and tax evasion and avoidance that will have profound consequences for the Western Hemisphere and the world...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 United States, Brazil Money Laundering, Taxation, Drugs & Trafficking, Tax Enforcement, Drug Enforcement, Tax Crimes
Brazil and Argentina Conclude Agreement on Tax, Money Laundering, and Smuggling Enforcement Cooperation On June 25 1996, during the Mercosur summit in San Luis the Brazilian and Argentine Governments concluded an agreement on tax, money laundering, and smuggling enforcement cooperation. The agreement... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 Brazil, Argentina Money Laundering, Taxation, Tax Enforcement, Tax Crimes, Smuggle
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing on Extradition Treaties and MLATs On July 17, 1996, Senator Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) presided over a hearing concerning the ratification of seven extradition treaties and five Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Treaties (MLATs... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 Bolivia, Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea, Hungary, Philippines, Austria, Malaysia Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance, Treaties
Canadian Court Rules Prior Judicial Authorization Necessary for Legal Assistance Request to Foreign Government Mr. Justice Howard Wetston of the Federal Court of Canada, Trial Division, ruled on July 4, 1996, that the Canadian standard for the issuance of a search warrant was required before the Ministry of... Kirk W. Munroe 12 8 1996-08-01 World, Canada Administration of Justice, Prisoner Rights, Treaties
Rwanda and Yugoslav Tribunals: Improving Legislation on Cooperation In accordance with Article 27 of the Statute of the Yugoslav Tribunal imprisonment shall be served in a State designated by the International Tribunal from a list of States which have indicated their... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 Belgium, Balkans, Rwanda, Austria, Serbia Genocide, International Courts
Insider Trading and Criminal Law: Recent Developments in the Netherlands - Part II Given the numerous forms of commercial fraud and fraudsters, my time frame, and some very recent and hot developments in the Netherlands on insider dealing, I will only focus on that subject...(more) Jan M. Sjöcrona 12 8 1996-08-01 World, Netherlands Fraud, White Collar Crime, Financial Crimes, Economic Crimes
G-7 Group Approves Broad Anti-Transnational Crime Initiative On June 28, 1996, the heads of government of the G-7 countries agreed on broad initiatives against transnational crime, including enacting laws, promulgating regulations, and sharing information... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 Saudi Arabia, Russia, G-8 member countries Money Laundering, International Organizations, Terrorism, Organized Crime
Divided European Union Considers Drug Policy On June 27, 1996, the French Government continued to challenge the "harm reduction" drug policy by refusing to drop checks on its borders with the Benelux countries and make the Schengen border-free... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 Europe, France, Germany, Netherlands International Organizations, European Union, Drugs & Trafficking, Drug Enforcement
U.S. Jury Convicts Alleged Russian Mobster of Extortion On July 8, 1996, a Federal jury in Brooklyn convicted Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov, 56 and an alleged Russian mafia leader of extortion in a case representing a major victory against Russian... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 United States, Russia Organized Crime, Fraud
Miami Person Pleads Guilty in Smuggling CFCs after Arrest In and Extradition from Costa Rica On July 19, 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Bruce Burrell, a Miami resident, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the smuggling of 285 tons of ozone-deleting chlorofluoro-... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 United States, Costa Rica Environment, Extradition, Smuggle
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS, ARTICLES AND DOCUMENTS Books i. Banking and Money Laundering J.J. Norton, Devising International Bank Supervisory Standards (Graham & Trotman; M. Nijhoff, 1995), 338 pp...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 World Bibliography
FATF Issues New Recommendations and Reports on Laundering Trends On June 28, 1996, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issued revised standards in the form of its 40 Recommendations for countries to follow in combating money laundering. As the U.S. delegate to... Bruce Zagaris 12 8 1996-08-01 World, Turkey, Seychelles Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, International Organizations, Drugs & Trafficking, White Collar Crime, Drug Enforcement, Financial Crimes