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FATF Review of 40 Recommendations Will Extend Predicate Offenses to All Serious Crimes The members of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) are conducting a review of the forty recommendations that underpin the global anti-money laundering efforts. The review that is expected to be... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 World, United States Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking
Austria Will Restrict Bank Secrecy Laws on Securities, But Not Savings Accounts On February 13, 1996, Mr. Viktor Klima, Austrian finance minister, announced that Austria will amend its strict bank secrecy laws by abolishing anonymous securities trading on July 1, 1996 in order... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Germany, Italy, Austria Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, European Union, Securities Trade Enforcement, Tax Crimes
The Recent Legislation to Combat Money Laundering in Spain In Spain the efforts to criminalize money laundering have centered on the proceeds from drug trafficking. The first action undertaken was the National Anti-Drug Plan of 1985, in the framework of... Konstantinos D. Magliveras 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Colombia, United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary Money Laundering, Corruption, European Union, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, International Convention
Parrot Conservationist Convicted of "Barking Up the Wrong Tree" and Engaging in Illegal Bird Trafficking On January 31, 1996, Tony Silva, a bird breeder and outspoken protector of endangered parrots, pled guilty to smuggling scores of rare wild birds into the United States...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canary Islands Endangered Species, Tax Crimes, International Convention, Wildlife Smuggle
Former Guinness Chairman Challenges Conviction in European Human Rights Court to Rule Unfair Trial On February 19, 1996, counsel for Mr. Ernest Saunders, the former Guinness chairman who was imprisoned for his role in the 1986 Distillers takeover, petitioned the European Court of Human Rights to... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Europe, United Kingdom Human Rights, European Union, International Courts, Fraud
European Parliament Adopts Anti-Corruption Prevention Program At its December plenary session, the European Parliament adopted the report by Mrs. Heinke Salisch (German Socialist) on combatting corruption. The European Council was urged to take measures... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Europe, Germany Corruption, European Union, International Courts, Organized Crime, Fraud, Treaties
Belgian Court Convicts and Sentences Invoice Fraudster On February 8, 1996, a Belgian Court convicted Angus Hans Labunski, the 64-year-old Polish-German businessman, of forging signatures and embezzlement, a type of "invoice fraud" over a three year... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium Administration of Justice, Fraud, Forgery
SEC Concludes MOUs with Israel and Egypt On February 11 and 12, 1996, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the agency responsible for regulating the Egyptian... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Israel, Egypt Mutual Legal Assistance, Fraud, Securities Trade Enforcement, International Cooperation
U.S. Extradites Schneider to Germany On February 22, 1996, the United States extradited Juergen Schneider and his wife Claudia to Germany where they arrived the following day. They surreptitiously fled Frankfurt nearly two years before... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Germany Extradition, Fraud, Forgery
Interpol Agents in South Africa Arrest U.S. Arms Fugitive On January 22, 1996, a South African court ruled that Paul Grecian, a former British spy and arms dealer whose extradition the United States has requested for sending contraband material to Iraq,... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Iraq, South Africa Extradition, International Organizations, Arms Trafficking, Fraud
U.S. Treasury Leading Hemispheric Initiatives Against Bribery and Use of Internet to Avoid and Evade Tax On February 15, 1996, Treasury Department International Tax Counsel Joseph Guttentag announced enforcement initiatives against bribery and to deter illegal use of the Internet to avoid and evade... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Panama Corruption, Bribery, Tax Enforcement, Tax Crimes
Brazil Implements Anti-Drug Trafficking Accord with Portugal On September 11, 1995, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso signed and put into effect the Accord for Reduction of Procurement, Combat, Manufacture and Repression of the Traffic in Illicit Drugs and... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Brazil, Portugal Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, International Convention
Gibraltar Court Dismisses Narcotics Case Due to Extraterritoriality In June 1995, the Court of Appeal for Gibraltar has upheld the dismissal of a narcotics case on the basis of extraterritoriality...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United Kingdom, Gibraltar Administration of Justice, Jurisdiction, Drugs & Trafficking
Australian Court Disallows Evidence of Controlled Delivery Due to Entrapment In a precedent-setting decision, the Australian court of appeals has disallowed of evidence from a controlled delivery due to a finding of entrapment...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Singapore, Australia, Malaysia Administration of Justice, Drugs & Trafficking, Drug Enforcement
While Use of Balkan Drug Route Decreases, Bulgaria Refuses to Act against Opium Poppy Growing In the Balkans mixed results have been reported on the efforts to end drug production and trafficking...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania Drugs & Trafficking, Law Enforcement
Judicial Assistance to the Rwandan and Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunals: Guidelines and Implementing Legislation In order to help states to implement the obligations deriving from Security Council Resolutions on the ICTY, the Judges and the Registrar of the ICTY drew up guidelines. These guidelines as well as... André Klip 12 3 1996-03-01 Switzerland, Rwanda, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Former Yugoslavia, Denmark Administration of Justice, Human Rights, United Nations, War Crimes, International Courts
Bosnia Hands Over Two Persons to War Crimes Tribunal and Accord Reached on Rules on Arrest of Future Suspects On February 12, 1996, in an accommodation that may reduce growing tensions within the former Yugoslavia that threaten the fragile peace, the Bosnian Government delivered to the War Crimes Tribunal... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Iran, Former Yugoslavia, Bosnia, NATO United Nations, War Crimes, International Courts
EuroParliament Votes in Support of Recommendations to Combat Smuggling Foreigners On January 18, the European Parliament voted unanimously in support of a report by Italian Christian Democrat Maria Paolo Colombo Svevo that calls for broad Europe-wide action to fight criminals... Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 Europe, Belgium, Netherlands Human Trafficking, Immigration, European Union, Smuggle
Philippine Leader Calls for Help Against Maritime Piracy On February 21, 1996, President Fidel Ramos of the Philippines called for regional cooperation to combat a rise of attacks by Chinese pirates on commercial shipping in the South China Sea...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia Maritime, Organized Crime, Piracy
U.S. Congress Considers Suggestions on Combatting International Organized Crime On January 25, 1996, the Subcommittee on Crime, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, held a hearing on "The Growing Threat of International Organized Crime"...(more) Bruce Zagaris 12 3 1996-03-01 United States, Mexico, Colombia, China, Venezuela, Russia Corruption, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime