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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Credit Card Fraud Grows in Latin America In 1994, credit card fraud, which has long been a problem and a growth industry in the United States, has started to accelerate in Latin America. The magazine Semana reported that more than US$4.9... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 2009-07-01 United States, Latin America and South America Fraud
Italy Resumes Search for Art Works Taken by Nazis The Italian Government has resumed its search of hundreds of important artworks taken by the Nazis during World War II after decades of relative inaction...(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Germany, Italy, Russia International Cooperation, Cultural Property
German Constitutional Court Precludes Prosecution of Former East German Spy Masters On May 23, 1995, the German Constitutional Court ruled that former East German spy masters cannot be prosecuted for conducting Cold War espionage against the West, thereby effectively providing a... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Germany Administration of Justice, Intelligence, Murder, Bribery, Extortion
U.S. Court in Boston Finds Ex-Guatemalan Defense Minister Liable for Torture and Human Rights Breaches On April 12, 1995, U.S. District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock issued an 87-page opinion, finding Gen. Hector Gramajo, a former Guatemalan defense minister responsible for a series of human rights... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 United States, Guatemala Human Rights, Jurisdiction, Murder, Torture, Alien Tort Claims Act
Dutch Government Assists War Crimes Tribunal in Naming Dutch Mercenaries Participating in Former Yugoslav War In an move that will focus attention on the role of mercenaries and international law applicable to the wars, the Dutch Government has transmitted the names of thirteen of its nationals to the... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Former Yugoslavia, Bosnia Law of War, European Union, War Crimes, International Courts
An Examination of the UN International Tribunal For Rwanda On July 1, 1994 the UN Security Council adopted at its 3400th meeting Resolution 935, which set up an impartial Commission of Experts. Its terms of reference were to provide the Secretary General... Konstantinos D. Magliveras 11 7 1995-07-01 Germany, Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia Human Rights, Jurisdiction, Law of War, Terrorism, United Nations, War Crimes, Genocide, International Courts, International Convention, Crimes against Humanity
California Proposes Changes in Transfer of Foreign-Born Prisoners As a result of a series of four hearings held at the end of 1994, the state of California has made a number of recommendations to deal with the growing number of foreign-born inmates in its prisons... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 United States, Mexico, Turkey Customs Enforcement, Immigration, Transfer of Prisoners, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, Deportation
G-7 Group Agree on Special Task Force to Combat International Crime At the latest Group of Seven meeting in Halifax, Canada, the G7 heads of government agreed to establish a special task force to find ways of combating international crime more effectively...(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Canada, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy Money Laundering, Corruption, International Organizations, Terrorism, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Smuggle
French Court Sentences 6 Iranians in Bakhtiar Murder On June 16, 1995, a special anti-terrorism court meted down life sentences of six Iranians convicted in absentia for the assassination in 1991 of Shahpour Bakhtiar, who served as the last Prime... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 France, Switzerland, Iran Terrorism, Murder
Financial Action Task Force Clarifies Inclusion of Exchange Control Houses in its Regulations On June 8, 1995, the Financial Action Task Force (F.A.T.F.) on Money Laundering released its sixth annual report on money laundering for 1994-95. The report contains news of the adoption of an... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Trinidad & Tobago, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Morocco, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Ecuador, Austria, New Zealand, Jersey, Isle of Man Money Laundering, Extradition, International Organizations, Drugs & Trafficking, Mutual Legal Assistance, Organized Crime, Fraud, Asset Seizure, International Cooperation, Financial Crimes, International Convention, Financial Supervision
Yemen Hands Over to Germany Berlin Bombing Suspect On June 4, 1995, law enforcement officials reported that Yemeni authorities handed over to Germany Johannes Weinrich, who is suspected by the German Government to helping alleged terrorist Carlos the... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Palestine, Yemen Extradition, Terrorism
British Police Conference Calls for Establishment of National Anti-Money Laundering Agency On May 22, 1995, during a conference about money laundering at Bramshill police college in southern England, Mr. Albert Pacey, the head of the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), called... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 United States, United Kingdom, Australia Money Laundering, Intelligence, Drugs & Trafficking, Financial Supervision
Rising Maritime Piracy in Brazil Makes Law Enforcement and Private Sector Search for Action On May 15, 1995, a coordinated attack on a Liberian vessel and the port terminal in Brazil is one of many recent piracy attacks that has underscored an increasing problem in Latin America,... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Brazil, United Kingdom, Liberia Intelligence, Maritime, Piracy
German Government Searches Merrill Lynch and Other Firms for Assisting in Tax Crimes On June 8, 1995, German officials for the first time conducted a search of a foreign bank, Merrill Lynch International Bank Ltd., the U.S. investment bank maintained by Merrill Lynch, on suspicion of... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria Taxation, European Union, Tax Enforcement, Tax Crimes
English Court Voids Disguised Extradition But Protects Discovery of Extradition Communications from Discovery An English Court has voided a disguised extradition of a relator from South Africa to England, but upheld the protection from discovery of the communications among the police authorities of the... Bruce Zagaris and Lisa Stacy Koenig 11 7 1995-07-01 Taiwan, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom Administration of Justice, Extradition, Jurisdiction, Theft
India Requests Tamil Extradition for Gandhi Murder On June 3, 1995, the Indian Government announced it has requested the Sri Lankan Government to extradite Mr. Velupillai Prabhakaran, supreme commander of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 India, Sri Lanka Extradition
U.S. Request Dutch to Extradite Person for Theft of Colombia Univ. Manuscripts On June 7, 1995, the Dutch police arrested Daniel Spiegelman whose extradition the U.S. Government has requested in connection with the theft of 22 rare manuscripts and books missing from the... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, St. Kitts & Nevis Extradition, Forgery, Theft
European Governments Increase Cooperation against Sports Hooliganism Ten years after the Heysel rioting on May 29, 1995 in which 39 fans died, European governments have stepped up cooperation against hooliganism in international sports matches in the context of... Bruce Zagaris 11 7 1995-07-01 Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands Intelligence, Fraud, Enforcement of International Sports Law, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement