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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Malta and Libya Conclude Prisoner Transfer Agreement and Agree on Further Criminal Cooperation On October 15, 1994, the Governments of Malta and Libya concluded an agreement on the transfer of prisoners…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Europe, Malta, Libya Extradition, United Nations, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Sanctions, International Cooperation, International Convention
Lithuania signs the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons On January 25, 1995, Lithuania signed the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Canada, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Europe, Lithuania, Bahamas Prisoner Rights, Sanctions, International Convention
Recent Developments on International Criminal Law in France On November 3, 1992, in the Pechiney/Triangle case, the French Supreme Court confirmed that it had jurisdiction over an offense involving French insiders who used information in connection with a U.S... Francois Serres, with the assistance of Valérie Morales 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, Europe, France, Germany, Nigeria, Sudan, Serbia, Bosnia Money Laundering, Administration of Justice, Bank Secrecy, Counterfeiting, Extradition, Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Jurisdiction, Terrorism, Murder, Kidnaping, Drugs & Trafficking, Torture, International Courts, Organized Crime, Fraud, Privacy, Treaties, Asset Seizure, Tax Enforcement, Tax Crimes, Customs, Crimes against Humanity, Financial Supervision, Banking Supervision
Albanian Appellate Court Reverses Espionage Conviction of Greeks On February 8, 1995, the Albanian appeals court overturned the conviction of four ethnic Greeks who had been convicted and sentenced to five-to-seven years jail terms…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Greece, Albania Administration of Justice, Human Rights, Immigration, Terrorism
Mexico-U.S. Strengthen Enforcement Against Illegal Immigrants on Border On February 17, 1995, the United States Government announced that the Mexican Government has promised concrete measures to help curb violence and crime along its border with the United States…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, Mexico Customs Enforcement, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Immigration, Law Enforcement
Croatia Accedes to the Council of Europe Conventions on Extradition and the Transfer of Sentenced Persons On January 25, 1995, Croatia acceded to two Council of Europe Criminal Cooperation Conventions--one on extradition and the other on the transferring of sentenced persons. Ambassador Bozidar Gagro,... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Canada, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Europe, Israel, Bahamas, Croatia Customs Enforcement, Extradition, Human Rights, International Organizations, European Union, War Crimes, Treaties, Tax Enforcement, International Cooperation, International Convention, Crimes against Humanity
Finland Enacts Law on Cooperation with the Yugoslavia Tribunal United Nations Security Council in its Resolution No. 827 (1993) on the creation of an International Tribunal for the prosecution of persons responsible for crimes committed in the territory of the... Irma Lehtonen 11 3 1995-03-01 Former Yugoslavia, Finland Administration of Justice, Jurisdiction, United Nations, Mutual Legal Assistance, International Courts, International Cooperation
U.N. War Crimes Tribunal Indicts 21 Serbs for Omarska Atrocities On February 13, 1995, the War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia handed-down its first indictment against 21 Serbs for crimes against humanity…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Former Yugoslavia, Bosnia Murder, United Nations, War Crimes, Genocide, Torture, Crimes against Humanity, Rape
Council of Europe Ministers Make Recommendations to Combat Audio-visual Piracy On January 23, 1995, the ministers from the Council of Europe issued a report, containing recommendations to national governments for strengthening measures and mechanisms to combat sound and audio-... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Europe Customs Enforcement, Intellectual Property, International Convention, Law Enforcement, Piracy
Anti-Terrorism and Economic Sanctions: U.S. Orders Freezing of Assets of Suspected Terrorist Groups On January 23, 1995, President William J. Clinton promulgated an executive ordered that freezes assets of persons and organizations suspected of terrorist activities in the Middle East…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, Middle East, Israel, Palestine Economic Sanctions, Intelligence, Jurisdiction, National Security, Terrorism, Asset Forfeiture, Asset Seizure, Deportation
Dutch Strengthens Anti-Laundering Enforcement Against Currency Exchange Bureaus In the aftermath of disclosures that its currency exchange bureaus have served as intermediaries to launder money for the Surinamese cocaine traffickers, the Dutch central bank has mitigated an... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Netherlands, Suriname Money Laundering, International Organizations, Drugs & Trafficking, Law Enforcement, Financial Supervision, Banking Supervision
Intergovernmental Cooperation: 4 European and 2 North African Governments Agree to Fight Terrorism On January 22, 1995, interior ministers from four European and two north African governments who met in Tunis agreed to strengthen cooperation and increase the exchange of information to combat... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Portugal, Tunisia Terrorism, European Union, International Cooperation
Malta: Money and Drug Enforcement Pay Off Public statements by Maltese and foreign government officials indicate that anti-money-laundering laws and anti-drug enforcement activities have a measurable positive impact. Malta, the offshore... Clemens Kochinke 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, Malta Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Customs Enforcement, European Union, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Asset Forfeiture, Asset Seizure, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Law Enforcement
Extradition and Irregular Rendition: Pakistan Hands Over Alleged Terrorist to the U.S. On February 7, 1995, Pakistani law enforcement officials, accompanied by a team of Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, arrested and on the following day handed over to the U.S. Ramzi Ahmed... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Palestine, Philippines, Sweden Extradition, Terrorism, Law Enforcement
Swiss Government Preparing Draft Anti-Money Laundering Law The Swiss Government is preparing a draft anti-money laundering law for which it is trying to strike the proper balance between strengthened due diligence and not unduly restricting international... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 Switzerland Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Terrorism, Drugs & Trafficking, Mutual Legal Assistance, Organized Crime, Banking Supervision
U.S. Tracks Down and Prepares to Extradite Former Teenage Fugitive after Eight Years on the Lam On January 19, 1995, after eight years of flight from rape charges, Alex Kelly, only 18 years old upon his flight, surrendered in Switzerland, setting the stage for his return to the U.S…(more) Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, Switzerland, Sweden Extradition, Kidnaping, Drugs & Trafficking, Treaties, Law Enforcement, Rape
Despite Supplementary U.S.-U.K. Extradition Treaty, US Court Denies Extradition Request for IRA Alleged Terrorist On September 15, 1994, the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California denied a United Kingdom extradition request for an Irish Republican Army fugitive, Mr. James Joseph Smyth, to... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, United Kingdom, Ireland Administration of Justice, Extradition, Human Rights, Terrorism, Murder, Prisoner Rights, Treaties
Spain Denies U.S. Extradition for Alleged Fraudster On February 15, 1995, a Spanish court denied an extradition request by the U.S. Government for Miguel Recarey, an alleged Medicare fraudster on the basis of the expiry of the statute of limitations…(... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 United States, Venezuela, Spain, Cuba Administration of Justice, Extradition, Fraud, Bribery, Treaties
Uruguay Extradites Sailors to Taiwan on Murder Charges On January 19, 1995, the Uruguayan Government extradited three sailors of Chinese nationality to the Taipei police for transportation and trial for the alleged murder of an official of a fishing boat... Bruce Zagaris 11 3 1995-03-01 China, Taiwan, Uruguay Extradition, Jurisdiction, Murder