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U.S., Switzerland Agree To Increase Exchange of Information in Tax Matters The U.S. Department of Treasury and the Government of Switzerland established an agreement on July 29, 1994 to increase the exchange of information on a wide variety of tax matters, primarily to... 10 8 1994-08-01 United States, Switzerland Taxation, Tax Enforcement, International Cooperation, Financial Supervision, Banking Supervision
OECD Survey of Tax Information Exchange Shows More Active Cooperation The Committee on Fiscal Affairs of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development studied the exchange of tax information between OECD countries and released a report on the findings on... 10 8 1994-08-01 World, OECD International Organizations, Taxation, Economic Integration, Tax Enforcement, International Crimes
Jordan Will Try National for Murder of Wife in U.S. While Return of Children Is Undecided Mohammad Ismail Abequa, charged with murder of his wife, is the subject of an extradition battle between the United States and Jordan. Instead of returning Abequa to the United States, the Jordanian... 10 8 1994-08-01 United States, Jordan Extradition, Murder, Mutual Legal Assistance, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Cooperation, International Law
U.K. Court Overturns Decision to Extradite to the U.S. Due to Delay by U.S. in Requesting Extradition United Kingdom officials overturned a request for extradition to the United States for a person from the United Kingdom. The person in question had been discovered with offenses between 1983 and 1984... 10 8 1994-08-01 United States, United Kingdom Extradition, International Cooperation, International Law
U.S.-Canadian Cooperation Results in Telemarketing Fraud Indictments of Gemstone Fraud U.S. Attorney David M. Barasch announced on July 20, 1994, that a jury in Pennsylvania indicted 44 people involved in an international gemstone telemarketing investment scam involving approximately... 10 8 1994-08-01 Canada, United States Mutual Legal Assistance, Fraud, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Financial Crimes, International Crimes
Germany Reports Seizure of Russian Origin Plutonium In May 1994, German authorities discovered plutonium-239 in the garage of Adolph Jaekle, sheding light on the rise of plutonium on the market, which has the potential to reach unstable regimes.... 10 8 1994-08-01 Germany, Russia Trade Enforcement, United Nations, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Trade Crimes, Weapons of Mass Destruction
German Interior Minister Sets EU Priorities in Justice and Home Affairs Dr. Kurt Schelter, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry in the Interior, in an address before the European Commission on June 1, 1994, discussed "Current priorities of the German Presidency for... 10 8 1994-08-01 Europe, Germany International Organizations, European Union, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Crimes
UN Investigators Face Daunting Task of Investigating Genocide in Rwanda without Resources The international community of the United Nations confronted the serious problem of lack of infrastructure and resources for properly investigating and taking action against the genocide that... 10 8 1994-08-01 World, Rwanda Human Rights, International Organizations, United Nations, War Crimes, Genocide
Nigerian Real Estate Fraud Is Latest Scam to Allure Foreigners Nigerians are targeting U.S. businessmen and companies in a real estate scam, but one of many perpetrated by Nigerians throughout the world. The current scam asks Americans to assist in acquiring... 10 8 1994-08-01 United States, Nigeria Money Laundering, Fraud, International Banking Supervision, International Law, International Crimes
International Trucking Under Attack in Russia In Russia, crime on international trucking has been increasing at alarming rates. Truckers have been overtaken by extortion, kidnapping, and truck hijacking. Russian officials signed a joint... Erika Ellertson Barnes 10 8 1994-08-01 Europe, Russia Kidnaping, Treaties, Law Enforcement, Vehicles, International Crimes
Malta Enacts Anti-Money Laundering Law Malta has enacted the Prevention of Money Laundering Act of 1993, criminalizing the laundering of the proceeds of any crime in the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs... 10 8 1994-08-01 Malta Money Laundering, United Nations, Drugs & Trafficking, White Collar Crime, Crimes
International Money Laundering Developments Highlighted A conference at The David Hume Institute shed light on an important topic of money laundering. The conference notes and lectures were created into a book which highlights essential current updates on... 10 8 1994-08-01 World, Europe Money Laundering, Organized Crime, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Crimes, FATF
The UK Provides for Extraterritorial Jurisdictional Issues While UK Law Society Warns Solicitors to Follow New Anti-Laundering Rules The United Kingdom has issued new legislation with regards to money laundering issues in the country. The UK Law Society intervenes with its opinion to illustrate the increasing affect which bar... 10 8 1994-08-01 United Kingdom Money Laundering, Jurisdiction, Drugs & Trafficking, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Financial Crimes
Ft. Lauderdale U.S. Attorney Obtains Conviction of Grandson of Brokerage Firm Founder of International Money Laundering In July 1994, David Witter pleaded guilty to money laundering. Witter is the grandson of the brokerage firm co-founder Dean Witter. Witter was charged with an IRS undercover sting operation related... 10 8 1994-08-01 United States, Cayman Islands, Austria Money Laundering, International Organizations, Financial Crimes, Economic Crimes, International Crimes
European Commission Adopts a European Action Plan to Combat Illicit Drugs Mr. Flynn, Commissioner responsible for Justice and Home Affairs, adopted a Communication proposed on June 8, 1994. In this Communication, Flynn sets forth a new framework on a European Action Plan... 10 8 1994-08-01 World, Europe International Organizations, European Union, Drugs & Trafficking, Drug Enforcement, International Crimes