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Italy Requests Argentina to Extradite Ex-Nazi Priebke On June 7, 1994, an Italian Justice Ministry official announced that Italy formally requested that Argentina extradite former Nazi German SS captain Erich Priebke, 81, to stand trial for war crimes... 10 6 1994-06-01 Italy, Argentina War Crimes, International Cooperation, Evidence Gathering, Crimes against Humanity
U.S. Senators Introduce Bill to Punish States who Refuse to Accept Foreign Prisoners On June 9, 1994, U.S. Senators introduced legislation, known as the "Prisoner Transfer Equity Act (PTEA)," to cut foreign aid to countries that will not accept more of their criminal illegal aliens.... 10 6 1994-06-01 United States Immigration, Transfer of Prisoners, Sanctions, International Cooperation, Deportation, Border Security, U.S. Federal Government, Legislation
Texas Becomes Latest State to Sue U.S. Government over Prisoner and Illegal Alien Costs Following the lead of three other states, on May 26, 1994 Texas announced plans to sue the Federal Government to recover costs of public services for jailing and other services to illegal immigrants... 10 6 1994-06-01 United States Immigration, Transfer of Prisoners, Border Security, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, U.S. Federal Government
The Practice of International Prisoner Transfer Treaties This article provides a summary of the comments of Richard Douglas, Esq., a managing attorney at Latour and Associates and a board member of the Federal Bar Association, at a Bar Association meeting... Erika Ellertson Barnes 10 6 1994-06-01 World Transfer of Prisoners, Treaties, International Cooperation, Border Security, U.S. Federal Government
53 Mexican Citizens Are Transferred to Mexico On June 3, 1994, 53 Mexican citizens imprisoned in the U.S. for committing crimes in the United States were transferred to Mexican prisons. Attorney General Janet Reno explained that the transfer... 10 6 1994-06-01 United States, Mexico Transfer of Prisoners, International Cooperation, Border Security, U.S. Federal Government
Florida Becomes First State in a Move to Deport Illegal Aliens before the Expiration of their Prison Term On June 8, 1994, Florida became the first state in the United States to start deporting illegal immigrants imprisoned for nonviolent offenses while living unlawfully in the U.S. The main motivation... 10 6 1994-06-01 United States Immigration, Transfer of Prisoners, International Criminal and Comparative Law, International Cooperation, Deportation, U.S. Federal Government
U.S. Antiterrorism Efforts Neglect Informants The United States has long relied on foreign informants to assist U.S. antiterrorism efforts. However its poor handling of informants and reluctance to properly reward them may result in even fewer... Erika Ellertson Barnes 10 6 1994-06-01 United States Intelligence, National Security, Terrorism, Law Enforcement, Witness Protection, U.S. Federal Government
Thailand Proposes a New Money Laundering Law Despite the slow way that it has tackled drug money laundering in the past, the Royal Thai Government seems to be adopting a tougher approach to tackling drug trafficking with its consideration the... Scott MacDonald 10 6 1994-06-01 Thailand Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Fraud, Economic Integration, Smuggle, Legislation
ICC Commercial Crime Bureau to Increase Investigations against Fraud in Prime Bank Instruments On May 26, 1994, Mr. Eric Ellen, director of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce, announced a new initiative to combat the growing fraud involving bank letters of credit and guarantees... 10 6 1994-06-01 World Counterfeiting, Maritime, Fraud, Financial Crimes, International Banking Supervision, Piracy
Panamanian Supreme Court Denies Request to Freeze Bank Accounts in the Colon Free Zone On June 1, 1994, the Panamanian Supreme Court denied a request of the Dutch Government to freeze bank accounts of businesses in the Colon Free Zone, which are the subject of investigations by... 10 6 1994-06-01 Colombia, Netherlands, Panama Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, International Cooperation, Freezing of Assets
EU Ministers Discuss Practical Implementation of Schengen Agreement On April 26, 1994, ministers responsible for the Schengen agreement, which embraces the Benelux countries, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, and Portugal, met in executive committee in Bonn to... 10 6 1994-06-01 European Union Border Security, Data Sharing, European Union, International Cooperation
Colombia Reimposes Bans on Certain Drug Use and Convicts Juan David Ochoa During the beginning of June 1994, Colombia continued to undergo dynamic developments in drug control as it reasserted prohibitions on drug use in the aftermath of the decision of the Constitutional... 10 6 1994-06-01 Colombia Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Penalties, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, Legislation
Sponsors Sought to Fund New ICC Anti-Fraud Unit A major insurance company is said to be facing fraud losses of £20 million.  Yet, the company has apparently not been able to find a police authority or other law enforcement agency that is capable... 10 6 1994-06-01 World Financial Crimes, Financial Enforcement, Financial Supervision, Fraud
HONLEA Adjourns Sixth Annual Meeting amid Disputes about Place of Next Meeting On June 5, 1994, the heads of anti-drug agencies in the Americas, at their sixth meeting of the Organization Changed with Combatting Illicit Drug Trafficking (HONLEA) concluded its meeting after four... 10 6 1994-06-01 North America, Latin America and South America Drugs & Trafficking, Conferences, International Cooperation
OAS Initiates Project Against Foreign Aspects of Corruption During its General Assembly in Belem, Brazil, that started on June 5, 1994, the Organization of American States considered a proposal to form a working group to prepare model legislation against... 10 6 1994-06-01 North America, Latin America and South America Corruption, Human Rights, International Organizations, Economic Integration, Economic Crimes, Legislation
OECD Adopts Proposals Against Corruption of Foreign Government Officials On May 27, 1994, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in a statement expressed that its members have agreed on recommendations on steps to try to prevent bribery of foreign... 10 6 1994-06-01 OECD Corruption, Bribery, International Cooperation, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OECD
English Appellate Court Reverses Arms Export Conviction On May 23, 1994, an English appellate court overturned the convictions of two company executives, who were convicted in 1991 of conspiring to sell "nuclear triggers" to Iraq. The recent decision was... 10 6 1994-06-01 United Kingdom Arms Trafficking, Prisoner Rights, Victims Compensation, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, Undercover Operations
Romanian Stowaways Again Arrive in U.S. in Sea-Land Containers from Le Havre Eleven Romanian stowaways arrived on June 8, 1994 in Boston seeking political asylum. This is the second time this year that Romanian stowaways attempted to entered the U.S. in this manner, both... 10 6 1994-06-01 United States, Romania Maritime, Immigration, Smuggle, Detention, Asylum
War Crimes Commission?s Final Report Indicate Evidence of War Crimes On June 2, 1994, the five-member War Crimes Commission for the Former Yugoslavia submitted a report, concluding that crimes against humanity have unquestionably been committed that can be proved in... 10 6 1994-06-01 Former Yugoslavia, Bosnia War Crimes, Sex Crimes, Evidence Gathering, Crimes against Humanity, Rape, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, International Criminal Tribunal