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Aruba Issues Anti-Money Laundering Regulations On December 28, 1993, the Government of Aruba issued anti-money laundering regulations under the State Ordinance containing regulations concerning the penalization of the laundering of money,... 10 4 1994-04-01 Aruba Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation
Customs? Seizure of $9.1 Million in Stereo Speakers Bound for Colombia Indicates Progress in Blocking Initial Placement of Criminal Proceeds On April 15, 1994, the media reported that during the second week of April 1994, the U.S. Customs Service seized $9.1 million stuffed in stereo speakers and air compressors headed for Colombia. This... 10 4 1994-04-01 United States, Colombia Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Law Enforcement, Smuggle
Controversy Arises over Suspected Colombia Drug Laundering in Switzerland On April 18, 1994, the business media reported controversy surrounding revelations of alleged money laundering for an alleged high level Colombian drug dealer over a period of years. The large sum of... 10 4 1994-04-01 Colombia, Switzerland Money Laundering, Extradition, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Asset Seizure, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Smuggle
CICAD Issues Annual Report to OAS General Assembly On March 8-12, 1994, during its 15th regular session in Mar de Plata, Argentina, the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) presented its annual report to the General Assembly of the... 10 4 1994-04-01 Latin America and South America Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, Conferences, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement
Fifth Circuit Upholds Validity of IRS Summons and Mexico-U.S. TIEA On April 20, 1994, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the judgment of the U.S. District Court to deny a challenge to an IRS summons to a U.S. bank pursuant to the 1989 tax information exchange... 10 4 1994-04-01 United States, Mexico Tax Enforcement, International Cooperation
French Proposed Legislation on Transfer Pricing Will Impose Harsh Penalties The French Tax Authorities have proposed a law that provides French tax auditors with a mechanism to control the transfer prices within multinational corporations. The proposal imposes obligations... 10 4 1994-04-01 United States, France Taxation, Tax Enforcement, Legislation
U.S. Actively to Deport Foreign Prisoners in Florida On April 8, 1994, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) announced that it will permit the State of Florida deport 500 to 1,000 illegal aliens who now reside in Florida state prisons.... 10 4 1994-04-01 United States Immigration, Transfer of Prisoners, Prisoner Rights, Deportation, U.S. Federal Government
Canadian Government Applies For Leave to Appeal Immunity to U.S. Government Defendants in Abduction by Deceit Case On April 11, 1994, the Canadian Government, through its Department of Justice, applied for leave to intervene in the case of the suit filed by Kenneth Walker against the U.S. Government and other... 10 4 1994-04-01 Canada, United States Immunity, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings
OAS Legal Department Project On March 12, 1994, the Inter-American Drug Control Abuse Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS), approved measures to implement its legal development project. The legal... 10 4 1994-04-01 Latin America and South America Money Laundering, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Drug Enforcement, Legislation
EU and Europol Progresses Towards New Roles The European Union and Europol are about to reach initial agreement on new directions and roles for Europol in combatting crime. On March 23, 1994, the EU Legal Affairs Council met and discussed a... 10 4 1994-04-01 European Union Extradition, International Organizations, Immigration, European Union, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, Asylum
European Parliament Issues Report Proposing Strengthened Approach Against Organized Crime On February 11, 1994, during the plenary session, the European Parliament adopted a report, dated January 27, 1994, from the Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs on criminal activities... 10 4 1994-04-01 Europe, European Union Corruption, Organized Crime, International Cooperation, Customs, Legislation
European Parliament Committee Recommends Action Against Terrorism A report issued February 2, 1994 by the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security has called for new steps by the European Union at the European level to combat terrorism. The... 10 4 1994-04-01 European Union Terrorism, International Cooperation, Evidence Gathering, Border Security, Legislation
Federal Aviation Administration Requires Freight Forwarders to Assume New Anti-Terrorism Measures In an effort to combat terrorism the FAA has set forth a two step air cargo security program. The new anti-terrorism security measures are a result of recommendations made by the Federal Aviation... 10 4 1994-04-01 United States Terrorism, Inspection
Treaty Update This article provides an updated list of applicable extradition and mutual legal assistance treaties. 10 4 1994-04-01 World Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance
Bibliography of Books, Articles and Documents Bibliography Bruce Zagaris 10 4 1994-04-01 World Bibliography
U.S. 1994 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report Shows Increases and Challenges in Sophisticated Laundering The section on international money laundering makes several important observations: the apparent increase in non-drug money laundering; the increased investment of illegal proceeds in legitimate... 10 4 1994-04-01 Eastern Europe Money Laundering, International Organizations, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Law Enforcement