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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
AIDP Sets Agenda for XIV International Congress in 1989 The Association de Droit Penal (AIDP) Board of Directors has confirmed the following topics for the XIV International Congress of Penal Law to be held in 1989: I. Corporate Criminal Responsibility;... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 2016-02-09 World Law Enforcement
Treasury Delegates to IRS Review of Exemptions from CTRs In a news release dated December 27, 1985, the Internal Revenue Service has received from the Department of Treasury the right to review exemptions from filing Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs).  ... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 United States Money Laundering
"Cash Crop" Leads to Indictment of 44 for Marijuana Ring On December 11,1985, the Department of Justice announced the indictment by a San Antonio, Texas grand jury of 44 persons, a bank, and two companies in the operations of a drug ring alleged to have... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 United States Drugs & Trafficking
Belize Foreign Minister Addresses U.N. on Narcotics Policy The Belize Foreign Minister, Mr. Dean Barrow, in October made his debut at the United Nations in New York with an address covering, among other topics, the Belize policies and views of combatting... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 Belize Drug Enforcement
"Operation Eradication" Continues in Jamaica It was announced by narcotics chief Sam McKay that during the past 9 months 2,780 acres of marijuana had been destroyed in Jamaica.  Jamaica was considered the second largest supplier of marijuana to... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 Jamaica Drug Enforcement
Dominican Republic's Police Cracking Drug Ring Dominican police raided two aircrafts which stopped over in the Dominican Republic in flight from Colombia to the United States, and seized 1,400 pounds of cocaine.  Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 Dominican Republic Drug Enforcement
Meese Speech Before U.N. Narcotics Officials On Monday, December 9, 1985, U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III spoke before U.N. Narcotics officials in Vienna, Austria.  He pointed out how serious the U.S. takes the work that the U.N. Division... Doris Weidinger 1 4 1985-12-01 World Drug Enforcement
U.N. Security Council Adopts Resolution on Hostage Taking On December 18, 1985, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted by a 15-0 vote its first resolution ever on hostage-taking.  The resolution "condemns unequivocally all acts of hostage-... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 World Kidnaping
Central American Counterterrorism Act of 1985 The Central American Counterterrorism Act of 1985 has now reported out of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  The Report of the Committee on Foreign Relations on the Central American... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 Central America Counter-terrorism
The Medvid Incident-Senate Subpoena on Soviet Freighter Raises Legal and Political Questions The Senate Agricultural Committee, chaired by Senator Jesse Helms, issued a subpoena on November 8, 1985, directing Soviet sailor Miroslav Medvid to appear before a special panel of Senators or... Jay Rosenthal 1 4 1985-12-01 United States Jurisdiction
Meese Speech in Switzerland Outlines U.S. Treaty Progress The Honorable Edwin Meese III., Attorney Gerneral of the United States, spoke before the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Bar Association, and the Swiss Bankers Association on December 5... Doris Weidinger 1 4 1985-12-01 Switzerland International Criminal and Comparative Law
Swiss Supreme Court Rules Judicial Assistance Request Requires Sufficient Facts But Does not Require Examination of Laws of Requesting State On November 27, 1985, the highest court of the Swiss Confederation, the Federal Court, ruled that judicial assistance requests must be sufficiently explicit, and its I. Public Law Division denied a... Clemens M. Kochinke 1 4 1985-12-01 Switzerland Compliance
Swiss Criminal Conviction Upheld on Basis of Foreign Order Violative of Swiss Public Order On July 10, 1984, the Swiss Supreme Court upheld a conviction of a Swiss citizen who had violated a California civil order and thereby committed an offense under Swiss criminal law.  Although the... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 1 4 1985-12-01 Switzerland Law Enforcement
Extraterritorial Application of Laws & Responses Thereto Book Review The book publishes the proceedings of the May 11-12, 1983 International Law Association Conference on Extraterritorial Application of Laws and Response Thereto, which was held in London.  The... Bruce Zagaris 1 4 1985-12-01 International Criminal and Comparative Law
U.S. v. Davis (2d Cir. 1985) Davis was convicted of 11 counts arising out of his involvement in a kickback scheme between his company, Frigitemp, and General Dynamics Corportation.  In appealing his conviction, Davis contended,... Robert L. Pisani 1 4 1985-12-01 United States White Collar Crime