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Swiss Supreme Court Decision on Arms Trade Facilitates International Judicial Assistance On May 10, 1984, in a decision having wide potential significance for adjudicating cases of mutual assistance in criminal matters, the Supreme Court of the Swiss Confederation defined broadly the... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 1 2 2016-02-04 Switzerland Arms Trafficking
Copyright Owners Adopt New Strategy in Fight Against Satellite Signal Piracy in Central America and the Caribbean The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is taking the lead among lobbying groups representing various copyright industries in pushing for increased linkage between satellite signal "piracy"... Jay A. Rosenthal, Esq. 1 2 2016-02-04 Caribbean Piracy
Jamaican Extradition Request Raises Political Offense Issue A request by the Jamaican Government for Donovan Gordon, a former bodyguard to Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, has raised the political offense exception to extradition.  Jamaican authorities... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-11-01 Jamaica Extradition
Jensen Outlines Interdiction Strategy of the National Drug Enforcement Policy Board In testimony on October 24, 1985, before the Subcommittee on Government Information, Justice and Agriculture, Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, D. Lowell Jensen, Deputy... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Department of Justice Publishes Interpol Guide Michael Fooner The National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has published A Guide to Interpol, The International Criminal Police Organization in the United State (22 pp.1985) by Michael J.... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States INTERPOL
Customs Warehouses Are Not Foreign Territory for Purposes of Trademark Protection In a landmark decision, the highest court of the Swiss Confederation, the Federal Court in Lausanne, on November 2, 1984, declared Swiss customs warehouses domestic territory for purposes of applying... Clemens M. Kochinke 1 2 1985-10-01 Switzerland Counterfeiting
Bar Panel Discusses U.S. Compulsory Jurisdiction Withdrawal From The International Court of Justice A timely panel discussion on the U.S. withdrawal from compulsory jurisdiction to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) was held in Washington, D.C. on October 23, 1985.  Sponsored by the District... Constatine G. Papavizas 1 2 1985-10-01 United States International Criminal Court
Justice Continues to Hunt Nazi War Criminals In a hearing held on October 17, 1985, by the Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and International Law, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Neal Sher, Director, Office of... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 War Crimes
Omni International Case Raises Government Misconduct Questions A criminal tax fraud case with many international issues has been delayed and perhaps irreparably botched by charges of misconduct by U.S. Attorneys and IRS investigators.  The indictment charges... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Tax Enforcement
F. Nigel Bowe and Other Bahamians Arrested On October 8, 1985, it was reported that authorities in the Bahamas arrested F. Nigel Bowe, and seven other fugitives in narcotics operations resulting from a two-month project that involved high-... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 Bahamas Drug Enforcement
Reagan Administration Supports Bill Exempting Bermuda from Exchange of Information Agreeements In an interesting albeit unexplianable twist of position, the Reagan Administration has supported legislative bills introduced in both houses of Congress (S. 1718 and H.R. 3242) which would change... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 Bermuda Information Exchange
Suit Challenging Grenada Invasion Dismissed as Moot On June 28, 1985, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, in a decision by Judge Tamm with Wald and Bork concurring, affirmed the dismissal of a suit brought by 11 members of the U.S... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 Grenada Law of War
Narcotics Trade Control Act Introduced Last month H.R. 3404, the "Narcotics Control Trade Act" was introduced in Congress.  H.R. 3404 provides that the products of drug producing nations will not be eligible for most-favored-nation trade... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Challenge to U.S. Support of Contras Dismissed On August 13, 1985, in Sanchez-Espinoza et al v. Reagan, et al, U.S. App. D.C. No.83-1997, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia affirmed the dismissal of an action challenging the... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Law of War
Dirty Money Video and Course Book       A video entitled "Dirty Money: A Banker's Guide to Self-Defense," and an accompanying guide "The Bank Manager's Guide" has been released by CGM Group, Inc.  The video and guide are designed to... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 Money Laundering
Spanish Firm Pleads Guilty to Violating Export Administration Act On September 5, 1985, Piher Semiconductors SA of Barcelona (Piher) pleaded guilty to two counts of violating the Export Administration Act, and specifically to reselling of high technology, national-... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 Spain Export Enforcement
Riggs National Bank Is Latest Bank to Be Fined Under BSA       The Department of Treasury has fined Riggs National Bank (Riggs) for violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).  The fine amounted to $269,750 for 1,226 violations that occurred between 1980 and... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Bank Secrecy
Court Reduces Sentence for Violating Export Administration Act On August 29, 1985, U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Williams reduced the sentence of D. Frank Bazzare, who was found guilty of violating the Export Administration Act, from imprisonment for five... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Export Enforcement
BSA Rules Released       The Department of Treasury has published notice of a revised system of records on October 11, 1985 (50 F.R. 41616).  The Notice affects three Bank Secrecy Act forms: Currency and Monetary... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Bank Secrecy
More Indictments for Money Laundering in Boston On October 15, 1985, The Bank of New England, two head tellers, an officer and a customer were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of illegally concealing cash transactions worth more than $... Bruce Zagaris 1 2 1985-10-01 United States Money Laundering