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3rd Largest Israeli Bank Agrees to Pay $195 Million and Enters into DPA with US on Tax Violations On March 12, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank Ltd. (Mizrahi-Tefahot) and its subsidiaries, United Mizrahi Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. (UMBS) and Mizrahi Tefahot... Bruce Zagaris 35 3 2019-03-16 Israel, United States Tax Enforcement
Samsung Heavy Industries Company Ltd. Reaches Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the U.S. over Brazil Activities On November 22, 2019, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and Samsung Heavy Industries Company Ltd. (“Samsung”), a South Korea-based engineering company that provides... Bruce Zagaris 35 12 2019-11-26 Bribery
Nicole S. Healy, Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance Casebound 2018 (Practising Law Institute Incorporating Release #4, June 2018). The Deskbook, initially published in 2014, is designed to provide an introduction to the complex and dynamic law of money laundering, structuring, and forfeiture for lawyers whose practice does not... Bruce Zagaris 35 8 2019-08-05 United States Book Review
In Targeting Venezuela, the Trump Administration Targets Cuba On April 5, 2019, the Trump administration announced its decision to issue sanctions against 34 ships owned or operated by Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., the state-run oil company. The... Alex Psilakis 35 4 2019-04-13 China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, United States, Venezuela Sanctions
Deutsche Bank Settles FCPA Violations for Hiring Children of State Enterprises On August 22, 2019, Deutsche Bank AG agreed to a settlement on enforcement actions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), complying to pay $16 million in penalties and to take remedial... Bruce Zagaris 35 9 2019-08-29 China, Russia Banking Supervision, Settlement
Two Months Later, Questions Remain After the Raiding of the North Korean Embassy in Madrid On April 23, 2019, the U.S. arrested Christopher Philip Ahn, a U.S. citizen and former Marine, for his alleged involvement in the February 22 raid of the North Korean embassy in Madrid. Spain, who... Alex Psilakis 35 5 2019-05-03 North Korea, Spain, United States Extradition
Federal Judge Dismisses Criminal Allegations Under Statute Outlawing Female Genital Mutilation On November 12, 2018 the Honorable Bernard A. Friedman, US District Court for the Southern District of Michigan in US v Nagarwala, et. al., dismissed criminal charges alleging violations... Linda Friedman Ramirez 35 1 2019-01-12
Spain’s High Court Denies U.S. Extradition Request for ex-Venezuelan General on Vague Grounds On Monday, September 16, Spain’s National Court rejected the United States’ extradition request of Venezuela’s previous head of military intelligence, General Hugo Armando... Alexandra Haris 35 9 2019-09-21 Spain, United States, Venezuela Extradition, Treaties
U.S. Issues Additional Indictments Against Julian Assange The fight over Julian Assange has shown no sign of slowing down. On May 23, 2019, the U.S. raised the stakes, charging Assange with 17 additional crimes in violation of the Espionage Act.... Alex Psilakis 35 6 2019-05-31 Sweden, United Kingdom, United States Espionage, Extradition, National Security
Court Awards $302,511,836.00 in Damages to Family of Journalist Marie Colvin As previously reported in the International Enforcement Law Reporter, Marie Colvin, an internationally renowned American journalist, was killed on February 22, 2012 while on assignment... Linda Friedman Ramirez 35 2 2019-02-08 Syria, United States International Law, Murder
British Prime Minister Demands Return of U.S. Diplomat’s Wife for Auto Collision Killing Motorcyclist On October 7, 2019, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for the wife of a United States diplomat involved in an automobile crash that killed a British teenager riding a motorcycle to return... Bruce Zagaris 35 10 2019-10-16 United Kingdom, United States International Crimes
New Zealand Stops Chinese Extradition on Human Rights Concerns On June 11, 2019, the New Zealand Court of Appeal ruled against returning South Korean national and New Zealand resident Kyung Yup Kim, who is accused of murdering a 20-year-old Chinese woman while... Bruce Zagaris 35 6 2019-06-21 China, New Zealand Extradition, Human Rights
Denying Authoritarian Regimes INTERPOL Presidency Won't Stop Them From Using INTERPOL to Persecute Political Opponents; in Fact, it Won't Even Slow Them Down Following his mysterious disappearance and arrest in China, Meng Hongwei resigned as INTERPOL’s President in October 2018, leaving INTERPOL no option but to find a successor.  Among the... Yuriy L. Nemets 35 3 2019-03-01 China, Russia Extradition, Human Rights, INTERPOL, Information Exchange
U.S. Charges Two Former Twitter Employees and a Saudi National for Acting as Illegal Agents of Saudi Arabia On November 7, 2019, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced it has unveiled charges in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Ali Alzabarah, Ahmad... Bruce Zagaris 35 11 2019-11-11 United States False Papers
U.S. Extradites Former Colombian Minister of Agriculture for Embezzlement and Other Charges On July 12, 2019, the United States extradited to Colombia Andres Felipe Arias Leiva, the Colombia Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development from 2005 to 2009. He is set to serve a sentence of... Bruce Zagaris 35 7 2019-07-19 Colombia, United States Corruption, Extradition
Bemba Seeks $77 Million in Compensation from the International Criminal Court On March 8, 2019, Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, a former vice president and rebel leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), submitted a brief at the Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International... Michael Plachta 35 3 2019-03-16 Africa International Criminal Court
Thailand Extradites Alleged Cryptocurrency Fraudster to the U.S. In November 2019, Thai authorities extradited a Swedish citizen to the United States on charges of securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.[1] On July 25, 2019, a grand jury in the... Bruce Zagaris 35 12 2019-11-27 Fraud
Gregory Craig Wins Dismissal of One FARA Charge, But Must Go to Trial on the Other[1] On August 6, 2019, United States District Judge Amy Berman of the District of Columbia dismissed one of two felony counts against Gregory Craig. In her 57-page memorandum opinion,[2]... Bruce Zagaris 35 8 2019-08-07 United States Disclosure
Former White House Counsel Indicted for FARA Violations Relating to Ukraine and Manafort On April 11, 2019, a federal grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia returned an indictment charging Gregory B. Craig, a Washington-based lawyer, with making false... Bruce Zagaris 35 4 2019-04-19 Russia, Ukraine, United States
European Parliament Approves New Directive on the Protection of Whistleblowers On April 16, 2019, the European Parliament adopted a legislative resolution by which it approved a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of whistleblowers. The... Michael Plachta 35 5 2019-05-03 European Union Whistle-blowing